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Your Second Spring is a 28-day program is about telling the truth to yourself about your life. The 28-day program will help you to attain your second spring...It also have a 28-day detox program that you can follow same time or separately. The Soul Coaching© program was created by Denise Linn and my role is to guide you to find your true self...After the 28-days program your life will never be the same...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Friends and family will offer all sorts of "meaningful" advice and the mother, who is willing to help her child
in any way, will be only too grateful.
This book is aimed at helping parents pick up the little nudges and hints that indicate a problem from very
early in a child's life.
It is often very difficult for parents to find out and accept that their child has a problem. Often sub-consciously
this is because the parent realises that the child is behaving in a way similar to them and they had desperately
hoped the child would be different. A very real illustration would be my facial features. When I was pregnant
all I wished and hope for, beyond a healthy child, was that they would not inherit my Italian nose. ( Nothing
to do with genes of course!)
A very dear friend, who passed away, once commented that although I was pretty, it was really a big pity about
my nose. I grew up fiercely determined that none of my children should suffer the same fate ( as if I could change it!)
It is the same with parents who grew up struggling to cope academically at school or with sport. They desperately hope that their children will grow up to be doctors and world class sportsmen. When this does not happen, they are amazed and terribly disappointed.
Just as my Italian features were hereditary and part of my make-up and heritage, so a learning problem is hereditory.
Not the problem as such, but the tendency not to complete brain patterns. Just as the parents did not complete
their brain patterns.
There is a great deal that can be done to overcome this problem but acceptance of hereditory features and phenomena,
is the first step in any healing or improvement. We are born with our own unique set of genes heredited from our

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Your Second Spring will start to publish on this blog articles from Laura Rip who will write about being a parent and about learning problems...
She will guide parents with these articles and teach parents to find themselves if their child has a learning problem... Laura has been working in a special school for children having learning problems...
She is writing a guide book for parents.

Have you ever felt that you wished you knew more? This book is about your child's development and how to evaluate whether
he/she possibly needs help. All too often one hears the teacher say one of the following
1. The child is a later developer
2. He will mature
3. A little active
4. DONT WORRY it will get better
Fathers and mothers make the following  excuses eg.
1. I never crawled
2. I was a late developer
3. I always bumped into things
4. I never went to bed early.
I am a firm believer in a mother's intuition. Mothers have an inkling of their child's problem intuitively from and early age
but because they are not qualified, they have to rely on professional opnions as to whether their child has a problem. They push
their niggling voice into the background and listent to other people's opinions instead.
YOU  are your child's best friend! Your love, care and support are all your child has and needs. You are the one
who will have to support and fight for your child. He/she is not capable of doing this for himself.
I have seen so many people scurrying from one professional to the next, trying every therapy available in the hope
that they will strike it lucky and find a cure.
This book is aimed at informing parents as to what they should keep a look out for. Neurotic parents are very often parents
who have picked up a problem with their child and are desparate to help but do not know what the norm is, who to turn to
and what should be done.
 ...you will find more soon...

Monday, November 7, 2011


Using a natural liver cleansing diet to remove toxins and poisons from your body might sound like a good idea. I started my diet this morning and will share during the four days how I am feeling along the days. After all this nice French country life with good healthy food, but also some wine, I felt I needed to cleanse my liver. Normally I take warm lemon water in the mornings into the empty stomach and that helps to clean the liver and beetroot and carrot juice daily is excellent for the liver and kidneys. You can also find my complete Detox program on www.souljoysc.com that also includes the Soul Coaching© program.
Certainly, you will find the way to take care of your liver. The rising interest in lifestyle enhancement has also ushered in many misconceptions about toxins and about the best way to clear them from the body. Fueling the confusion is a major marketing for special books and producers of supplements and other detoxifying products. The best natural way to do this and still gentle as well is a 4 days apple/lemon juice and olive oil diet.  It will take you for days, but by following me here while I am doing my own liver cleanse will help you to understand what it takes. I will keep a short diary during these days.

Most natural liver detox diets have little science supporting them but they seem to work very well. Additionally, detox diets are very restrictive and can cause harm if they're not used with care. In my Your Second Spring program you will find a 28 days long detox program where you purify your body and organs by eating healthy fresh food. www.souljoysc.com This is what you need to know before starting any liver cleansing diets on your own.
Toxins are constantly bombarding our bodies. Toxins are chemicals with potentially harmful effects. While some toxins are more obvious, such as pesticides or smog, some people consider even seemingly normal substances to be toxins. They may come from many sources, including:
food additives (the E numbers)
junk food


pesticides or other chemicals used to grow or prepare food

smog or other substances in the air

artificial sweeteners added to food

refined sugar

impure water

I started myself today a liver cleanse program that you can also easily do at your own time. During these four days I will write down a short diary about how I am feeling each days.

For this liver cleanse you need:

Plenty organic apples, lemons and some good quality olive oil.
During first 3 days you just drink apple juice that you should press yourself from organic apples. You can't drink any coffee or black tea, but herbal teas are excellent for this type of cleanse. Drink lot of water  as well during these four days. 
On the fourth day mix half a glass of olive oil with half a glass of lemon juice and drink that slowly in the morning. This mixture starts to cleanse your liver and you might need to go to the toilet quite often so make sure that you stay at home during this day. 

This liver cleanse diet will help you to get rid of liver stones if you have any. 
I am a real stone collector. When I was twenty I had kidney stones or actually it was more like sand, but still very painful. About ten years ago I got really ill, first the doctor told me that I had a terrible stomach flu with headache, fever and vomiting. But me having fever was not normal, and actually few days later I was admitted to the hospital and for 3 days I went through so many tests and nothing until on the sonar they found that I had a gallbladder stone and that my gallbladder was infected. So I had to have an operation and they removed my gallbladder, since that I am more fragile and I must be careful not to eat too much food that contains animal fat, because the bile helps your digestion to brake down the fat. So I am looking after my liver, even I am also enjoying life with good and taste but healthy food and I also enjoy wine. I have also notice that when getting older and if I get one or two extra kilos, it's much more difficult to get rid of them. So this liver cleanse will help you to clean your liver but also your liver then helps you better to loose weight. 

First day

Today is monday and during the weekend I took a decision that I need a liver cleanse. I have few kilos to loose and this last six month has been hectic while living in French country side renovating an ancient farm house. (If interested have a look www.bycause.blogspot.com).
So this morning I needed apples to start and organic off course, so luckily there were some left still on an apple tree. Our last apples. I made a half a liter juice adding lemon juice as well with my juice processor. I have been drinking herbal teas and water during the rest of the morning. When I am not eating I easily feel cold and before lunch time I had to add and extra pullover and same time I started to have a slight headache because I haven't have my morning coffee. For the lunch I made the apple/lemon juice again. I am not feeling hungry at all. Part of this whole thing is that you have to have a right mind set for keeping this diet to succeed your 4 days. I did some yoga this morning and that helps the body to detoxify. You should also have a cleansing massage like lymph drainage massage during these 4 days, at least ones. That will help you to get the toxins out of your body. I will have my massage this evening and really looking forward for that. So I will tell you more tomorrow how I am doing...

Lots of love to you all


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Join me on the wonderful Soul Coaching trip to Lake Garda in Italy in March 2012. Same time you can enjoy the wonderful Italian hospitality, with good food and wine. The five day program includes:

Your Second Spring program contains: the daily program start at 9:00 a.m

1. Day - Introduction to the Your Second Spring -program - Exercise about how to analyze your own life - Guided visualization (Meditation) - Lecture 1. week's the Air week program - Lecture “How the clutter and unbalance affect your living environment?” - Discussion about everyone's needs and expectations - Questions/ Answers - End of the day meditation

2. Day - Guided morning meditation - Lecture 2. week's Water week's program - Lecture “ How the emotional suppression can affect your life?” - Discussion moment - Lecture about spirit guides and visualization meditation - Plan your own future by making a collage

3. Day - Discussion and morning meditation - Lecture 3. week's Fire week's program - Lecture “How to - Lecture about the Past Lives and guided meditation - Making of the “Spirit Stick”

4. Day - Lecture about different meditation techniques and guided meditation - Lecture 4. week's Earth week's program - Your own body - Visualization meditation - Lecture “Sexuality and your body in different ages” - Discussion about the body and it's needs

5. Day - Morning discussion and guided visualization - Lecture about the Your Second Spring Detox program - Questions/ Answers - Lecture “ How to succeed in your Detox – program?” - Discussion and visualization meditation about your future

The daily program includes: Lunch that we share together With the 5 day program you will also get the 28- days Your Second Spring -program that contains Soul Coaching and Detox programs and 28 days guided meditation audio. A weekly personal guidance by Skype and access to change e-mail when ever needed. It also includes all the material to make the collage and the spirit stick. Just bring 2-3 old decoration, fashion or health magazines with you. 

Price: 1150€ per person sharing a two person bedroom. ( separate beds) includes the whole program above, food without beverage. 250€ extra for single room
For more information: www.souljoysc.com


Now you can purchase special guided visualization meditations online for 3.00€ each created by  my Australian friend Peter Keys. Get the MP3 version and enjoy the meditations on your own time. At the end of the list you can find descriptions of each meditation. Have a look here

Friday, April 15, 2011


Life without liberty is like a body without spirit...
                                                                                                   -Kahlil Gibran

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